“Numquam Cesseris”

The Five Personality Traits of a Happy Person

Creating   Personal    Freedom          Blog Post "Numquam Cesseris" The Five Personality Traits of a Happy Person The U.S. Constitution was optimistic when the founding fathers promised life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Other nations began with similar...

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Mindset is the key to personal freedom

Creating   Personal    Freedom          Blog Post "Numquam Cesseris" Mindset is the key to personal freedom If you want to effectively optimize your mindset, you can create detailed goals, master complex tasks, enjoy various types of exercises, increase mental...

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My Ten Steps towards Shedding Baggage from the Past

Life has been good for me although I have a few regrets. I guess we both have a list of things we could have done better or wish never happened.
Now we both know these are things we could never undo, and we, therefore, ought to move on. However, it is not easy to free ourselves from them.

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What is Personal Freedom?

As simple as the question may be, this is very hard to answer. As I discovered the meaning of personal freedom has a different connotation to almost everyone, I spoke too. To some it was financially self-sufficient; to others, it was civil liberties and to many it was being stress-free. It was evident, that personal freedom is different for every single individual.
Look firstly at the definition of Freedom as per the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

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